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December 17, 2009


  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: the winter wind outside
  • Reading: whatever's on the screen
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: already finished
  • Drinking: had enough liquid already
Well, that's not actually true; I have featured before, but I was stuck using [link]s. Now, however, thank to :icondavid-a-wagner: I can use thumbnails! So I'm featuring the people who added me to their watch list from January till now, but I'll get to more later. Anyway, there you go!

:icon33m: :thumb144081741: :icon7ds7: A walk in the autumn forest.. by 7DS7 :iconagathodaimon89: Toamna rosiatica by agathodaimon89 :iconstallionite: energy by Stallionite :icondalinksystem: dALinkSystem User's Manual by dALinkSystem :iconaperfectmjk: Smartweed Caterpillar by aperfectmjk :icontda777: :thumb133318282:
:icondraconis-wyrm: :thumb130354981: :iconsinantr: presentation of my dewfamily 5 by sinanTR :iconmidnightkrystal: Clouds as art by MidnightKrystal
:iconamethystmoonbow: :thumb146587489: :iconmasterfarter: :thumb146594302: :iconbziumek31: :thumb138640732: :iconmetal-wolfe: :thumb142870634: :iconiwantart1949: 8-26-2009 Angel inthe clouds 2 by IWantArt1949 :iconthesilversun01: Silver Fox by TheSilverSun01 :iconlonnieatk: First Frost by Lonnieatk :iconbdavisphoto: Busy Bee by BDavisPhoto :iconnipntuck3: flower, ten by Nipntuck3 :iconquinngoldie: The Empire State by quinngoldie :icongaidele: Colourful summer by gaidele :iconseahorse-61: See the light by Seahorse-61
:iconme-myself-and: She is staring by Me-Myself-And :iconlephotog: THROUGH MY KALEIDOSCOPE III by lephotog :iconalexandreguilbeault: Ultramar Refinery by AlexandreGuilbeault :iconricky4: Foliage planet by ricky4 :iconkellyan: cathedral homework 02 by Kellyan :iconalilyofthevalleys: Goats Beard pt. 1 of 2 by alilyofthevalleys :iconmedora1721: a duck has an itch by Medora1721 :iconflendurica: Kitty by flendurica :iconricenugget: The Cliff by Ricenugget :icondamir-olejar: Portrait of a swan by Damir-Olejar :iconladyred200141: Hanging Loose by ladyred200141 :iconearthbell: The clouds of cream by Earthbell :iconmiky-chrizz: Rainbow by Miky-Chrizz :iconzegkaas: voiceless voices by zegkaas :iconclaire-1991: :thumb129442594: :iconneoshayna888: Swept Away by neoshayna888 :iconamilehi: sunset_GCN by amilehi :iconhippievan57: eye_ris by HippieVan57 :iconfloramelitensis: Sand Spurge by floramelitensis
:iconfaunamelitensis: Crimson Speckled Moth by Faunamelitensis :iconrainyb: Help Me by RainyB :icondreamkitty26: After Sunset Rain Clouds by dreamkitty26 :iconksphotographic: Crescent Falls 3 by KSPhotographic
:iconjasperantony: Happy forth of July 2 by JasperAntony :iconwarlight: :thumb58156700: :iconbykself: 1st. by bykself :iconmibiko: :thumb142034637: :iconqueanfaeriebear: Early November Evening by QueanFaerieBear :iconsayuari: Pink by Sayuari :iconevolutionhotline: wormhole in the sun by evolutionhotline :iconamused22: Drop by aMUSEd22 :iconrandomness454: :thumb126253327: :iconbluecranedesign: :iconhironi: Norva 6 by Hironi
:iconrenatoart: Gull by renatoart :icontractern: Cold Coloured Bush Cricket by tractern :iconliviugherman: flower a18 by liviugherman :iconallandgr8-art: Carnaby-Climatis by Allandgr8-art :iconttl-photoworks: :thumb145516435: :iconlanah: fountain by lanah :iconswmmp: Enchanted doorway by swmmp :iconcarlena: :thumb91245575: :iconmissladylilac: remember to live by missladylilac :iconryuto-hirotaka: Lush by Ryuto-Hirotaka :iconsonicblaze101: :icontailgun2009: Berry Globe by Tailgun2009 :iconyuugata: Valkoinen Pioni by Yuugata :iconameliasantos: rubi by ameliasantos :iconjane2audron: Green Fireworks by Jane2Audron :iconkariasunada: :thumb125568911:
:icongalaadm: CouleNuage by Galaadm :iconalwahdany: Global imagination by alwahdany :iconmelayariagrissom: Poppies by MelayaRiaGrissom :iconblockhead78: Rainy horizon by blockhead78
:iconwiebestavast: :thumb126707502: :iconwhitebook: Talking Pictures II by WhiteBook :iconvedrfoelnir: A walk on the crocus 02 by Vedrfoelnir :iconsomaru-yo: Rain drop by somaru-yo
:iconthetube: :thumb146976297: :iconalfa-tansu: :thumb138950787: :icontikuku: As far as we can go... by tikuku :iconmorsheeba: :thumb118621012: :iconpschan: :thumb131839462: :iconjeffhtx: Dawn of New day by jeffhtx :iconimmamailbox: The Bridges of Florence IV by immamailbox :icondreamz-of-twilight: Formal Garden by Dreamz-of-Twilight :iconpeppedoubleg: where are god by peppedoubleg :iconidromante: Dream Reflections by idromante :icongilzur: Secret To kill . by GILZUR
:iconboshaft: Calming by Boshaft :icontawnya: Tiger Tiger burning bright by Tawnya :iconllamas-eat-pie: Sunrise by LLAMAS-EAT-PIE
:iconwolf-of-samhain: Sabine Profile by Wolf-of-Samhain :icondurianthorn: Green again.. by DurianThorn :iconcloaking: :thumb106494879:
:iconspeed-demon: pink poppy by speed-demon :icontheshadow114: the tree drooping from snow by TheShadow114 :iconcanadian-weapon338: what a shame 2 by canadian-weapon338
:iconcrocodylian: :thumb144420508: :iconmissayleen: :thumb144744148: :iconholymacro: :thumb147061626:
:iconevelynn-rose: Close Enough to Touch by Evelynn-Rose :iconwolfridersfla: oh no....... by wolfridersfla :icontomkilbane: smoking bugs by TomKilbane
:icontthealer56: Wonderful Sunset by TThealer56 :iconduggiehoo: more droplets.,,,. by duggiehoo :iconcleopatrark: :thumb143431673:
:iconpeterjcoskun: hanging on by PeterJCoskun :iconalthytrion: Serenity by Althytrion :iconzelenaneman: Sing the blues by zelenaneman :iconsquirrelshters: :thumb145112327: :iconnothing-unusual: My only mistake is... by nothing-unusual :iconcaybeach: Reach For The Sky II 456 by caybeach :icontngabor: :thumb146230946: :iconnyka080: The Rain Comes Falling Down by nyka080
:iconds-photography-2008: Vivi01 by DS-Photography-2008 :iconeyeworld: Like in a beauty contest by EyeWorld :iconlogicalx: Autumn VI by Logicalx :icontheressa: Siesta by Theressa
:iconhallowedsouls: Duck Stamp by HallowedSouls :iconjosgoh: Droplet 2 by josgoh :iconazieser: Natures Snow Sculpture by azieser
:iconbluegriffin2301: :thumb126443491: :iconwolfostrophe17: pretty flower by wolfostrophe17 :iconcrazygardener: Japanese Maple 17 by crazygardener
:iconwolfwoman7: Lucas Dog Commission by Wolfwoman7 :icononutza185: :thumb147262017: :icononerbatur:

My writing account :iconwitchvine:

My painting and drawing account :iconrose--wolf:

My typography and design account :iconsilver--jackal:
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glunac Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010   General Artist
A beautiful diversified feature.
Pentacle5 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010
Thanks. :)
Evelynn-Rose Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
thank you for the feature! i really appreciate it! :heart:
Pentacle5 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010
You're welcome!
zegkaas Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
thanks a bunch for the feature! :D
IWantArt1949 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
Thanks so much for the feature!
BDavisPhoto Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009  Student
Thanks for featuring my work, even though it is long overdue. Thanks again. :)
lanah Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
awesome!!!! thanks!!!!!
lephotog Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
thank u
sinanTR Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009
hi Alex :love: thanks so much for including my work in your amazing and first feature. I'm really honored.
(so sorry for the late respond)
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