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Submitted on
December 17, 2009


  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: the winter wind outside
  • Reading: whatever's on the screen
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: already finished
  • Drinking: had enough liquid already
Well, that's not actually true; I have featured before, but I was stuck using [link]s. Now, however, thank to :icondavid-a-wagner: I can use thumbnails! So I'm featuring the people who added me to their watch list from January till now, but I'll get to more later. Anyway, there you go!

:icon33m: :thumb144081741: :icon7ds7: A walk in the autumn forest.. by 7DS7 :iconagathodaimon89: Toamna rosiatica by agathodaimon89 :iconstallionite: energy by Stallionite :icondalinksystem: dALinkSystem User's Manual by dALinkSystem :iconaperfectmjk: Smartweed Caterpillar by aperfectmjk :icontda777: :thumb133318282:
:icondraconis-wyrm: :thumb130354981: :iconsinantr: presentation of my dewfamily 5 by sinanTR :iconmidnightkrystal: Clouds as art by MidnightKrystal
:iconamethystmoonbow: :thumb146587489: :iconmasterfarter: :thumb146594302: :iconbziumek31: :thumb138640732: :iconmetal-wolfe: :thumb142870634: :iconiwantart1949: 8-26-2009 Angel inthe clouds 2 by IWantArt1949 :iconthesilversun01: Silver Fox by TheSilverSun01 :iconlonnieatk: First Frost by Lonnieatk :iconbdavisphoto: Busy Bee by BDavisPhoto :iconnipntuck3: flower, ten by Nipntuck3 :iconquinngoldie: The Empire State by quinngoldie :icongaidele: Colourful summer by gaidele :iconseahorse-61: See the light by Seahorse-61
:iconme-myself-and: She is staring by Me-Myself-And :iconlephotog: THROUGH MY KALEIDOSCOPE III by lephotog :iconalexandreguilbeault: Ultramar Refinery by AlexandreGuilbeault :iconricky4: Foliage planet by ricky4 :iconkellyan: cathedral homework 02 by Kellyan :iconalilyofthevalleys: Goats Beard pt. 1 of 2 by alilyofthevalleys :iconmedora1721: a duck has an itch by Medora1721 :iconflendurica: Kitty by flendurica :iconricenugget: The Cliff by Ricenugget :icondamir-olejar: Portrait of a swan by Damir-Olejar :iconladyred200141: Hanging Loose by ladyred200141 :iconearthbell: The clouds of cream by Earthbell :iconmiky-chrizz: Rainbow by Miky-Chrizz :iconzegkaas: voiceless voices by zegkaas :iconclaire-1991: :thumb129442594: :iconneoshayna888: Swept Away by neoshayna888 :iconamilehi: sunset_GCN by amilehi :iconhippievan57: eye_ris by HippieVan57 :iconfloramelitensis: Sand Spurge by floramelitensis
:iconfaunamelitensis: Crimson Speckled Moth by Faunamelitensis :iconrainyb: Help Me by RainyB :icondreamkitty26: After Sunset Rain Clouds by dreamkitty26 :iconksphotographic: Crescent Falls 3 by KSPhotographic
:iconjasperantony: Happy forth of July 2 by JasperAntony :iconwarlight: :thumb58156700: :iconbykself: 1st. by bykself :iconmibiko: :thumb142034637: :iconqueanfaeriebear: Early November Evening by QueanFaerieBear :iconsayuari: Pink by Sayuari :iconevolutionhotline: wormhole in the sun by evolutionhotline :iconamused22: Drop by aMUSEd22 :iconrandomness454: :thumb126253327: :iconbluecranedesign: Buick Myspace Design by BlueCraneDesign :iconhironi: Norva 6 by Hironi
:iconrenatoart: Gull by renatoart :icontractern: Cold Coloured Bush Cricket by tractern :iconliviugherman: flower a18 by liviugherman :iconallandgr8-art: Carnaby-Climatis by Allandgr8-art :iconttl-photoworks: :thumb145516435: :iconlanah: fountain by lanah :iconswmmp: Enchanted doorway by swmmp :iconcarlena: :thumb91245575: :iconmissladylilac: remember to live by missladylilac :iconryuto-hirotaka: Lush by Ryuto-Hirotaka :iconsonicblaze101: :icontailgun2009: Berry Globe by Tailgun2009 :iconyuugata: Valkoinen Pioni by Yuugata :iconameliasantos: rubi by ameliasantos :iconjane2audron: Green Fireworks by Jane2Audron :iconkariasunada: :thumb125568911:
:icongalaadm: CouleNuage by Galaadm :iconalwahdany: Global imagination by alwahdany :iconmelayariagrissom: Poppies by MelayaRiaGrissom :iconblockhead78: Rainy horizon by blockhead78
:iconwiebestavast: :thumb126707502: :iconwhitebook: Talking Pictures II by WhiteBook :iconvedrfoelnir: A walk on the crocus 02 by Vedrfoelnir :iconsomaru-yo: Rain drop by somaru-yo
:iconthetube: :thumb146976297: :iconalfa-tansu: :thumb138950787: :icontikuku: As far as we can go... by tikuku :iconmorsheeba: :thumb118621012: :iconpschan: :thumb131839462: :iconjeffhtx: Dawn of New day by jeffhtx :iconimmamailbox: The Bridges of Florence IV by immamailbox :icondreamz-of-twilight: Formal Garden by Dreamz-of-Twilight :iconpeppedoubleg: where are god by peppedoubleg :iconidromante: Dream Reflections by idromante :icongilzur: Secret To kill . by GILZUR
:iconboshaft: Calming by Boshaft :icontawnya: Tiger Tiger burning bright by Tawnya :iconllamas-eat-pie: Sunrise by LLAMAS-EAT-PIE
:iconwolf-of-samhain: Sabine Profile by Wolf-of-Samhain :icondurianthorn: Green again.. by DurianThorn :iconcloaking: :thumb106494879:
:iconspeed-demon: pink poppy by speed-demon :icontheshadow114: the tree drooping from snow by TheShadow114 :iconcanadian-weapon338: what a shame 2 by canadian-weapon338
:iconcrocodylian: :thumb144420508: :iconmissayleen: :thumb144744148: :iconholymacro: :thumb147061626:
:iconevelynn-rose: Close Enough to Touch by Evelynn-Rose :iconwolfridersfla: oh no....... by wolfridersfla :icontomkilbane: smoking bugs by TomKilbane
:icontthealer56: Wonderful Sunset by TThealer56 :iconduggiehoo: more droplets.,,,. by duggiehoo :iconcleopatrark: :thumb143431673:
:iconpeterjcoskun: hanging on by PeterJCoskun :iconalthytrion: Serenity by Althytrion :iconzelenaneman: Sing the blues by zelenaneman :iconsquirrelshters: :thumb145112327: :iconnothing-unusual: My only mistake is... by nothing-unusual :iconcaybeach: Reach For The Sky II 456 by caybeach :icontngabor: :thumb146230946: :iconnyka080: The Rain Comes Falling Down by nyka080
:iconds-photography-2008: Vivi01 by DS-Photography-2008 :iconeyeworld: Like in a beauty contest by EyeWorld :iconlogicalx: Autumn VI by Logicalx :icontheressa: Siesta by Theressa
:iconhallowedsouls: Duck Stamp by HallowedSouls :iconjosgoh: Droplet 2 by josgoh :iconazieser: Natures Snow Sculpture by azieser
:iconbluegriffin2301: :thumb126443491: :iconwolfostrophe17: pretty flower by wolfostrophe17 :iconcrazygardener: Japanese Maple 17 by crazygardener
:iconwolfwoman7: Lucas Dog Commission by Wolfwoman7 :icononutza185: :thumb147262017: :icononerbatur:

My writing account :iconwitchvine:

My painting and drawing account :iconrose--wolf:

My typography and design account :iconsilver--jackal:
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glunac Jan 24, 2010   General Artist
A beautiful diversified feature.
thank you for the feature! i really appreciate it! :heart:
You're welcome!
zegkaas Jan 3, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
thanks a bunch for the feature! :D
Thanks so much for the feature!
Thanks for featuring my work, even though it is long overdue. Thanks again. :)
awesome!!!! thanks!!!!!
hi Alex :love: thanks so much for including my work in your amazing and first feature. I'm really honored.
(so sorry for the late respond)
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